World Penguin Day

International Day of Celebration

Learning Intention:

Tell an audience about an international day of celebration happening this week.

Success Criteria:

  • Choose an international day of celebration.
  • Read and view information about the day.
  • Respond to the day.
  • Share the response with an audience.

The day: World Penguin Day

Claire was offered a selection of international days of celebration that would be occurring during the week of her presentation. These were written in a list that included the option of ‘something different’. Claire selected World Penguin Day.


What did we do?

Here is a link to the final video presentation.

How did we do it?

  1. Claire was offered a list of International Days (including ‘something different’ as an option) via visual and auditory scan. She nodded yes to make her choice.
  2. We watched factual videos and some funny videos, and read books about penguins as language was modelled (shared reading). I modelled writing lots of facts about penguins.
  3. We engaged in Predictable Chart Writing about penguins, and selected action words to complete sentences.
    Penguins fall. (Claire)
    Penguins hit. (Claire)
    Penguins waddle. (Mum)
    Penguins dance. (Dad)
    Penguins hold. (Claire)
    Penguins protect. (Callum)
  4. I found video clips to match each verb in the chart, and Claire indicated es or no as to which clips she would like included.
    – When I showed Claire a clip of a penguin “holding” an egg and walking, she was not keen. One of the original facts I has written was about penguins holding their breath for a long time underwater. I asked if this was the fact she wanted to share and she agreed.
  5. Claire used her eye gaze device to present the pre-recorded introductions and conclusion in front of the green screen. These introductions and conclusions are scripts that have been written by her teacher, so in order to be efficient, these are recorded onto sequenced buttons in her Tobii, and she delivers her message a few times, aiming for activation of message, and looking at the camera. Nailed it for this one!
  6. Claire’s introduction, book report and conclusion are stitched together by me, and she views the presentation, indicating whether she is happy with the product and ready to share. Part of the focus here is valuing her use of writing and communicating, and making it accessible for Claire to watch back. This is why the symbols were added to the videos and sentences.

What worked well?

  • Narrowing down initial choices, with option to add more (“something different”).
  • Use of video to provide stimulus for writing.
  • Engaging others in writing to motivate Claire (predictable chart writing with family).